For our Canadian U-Haul customers, U-Haul is partnered with Tree Canada—Canada's largest not-for-profit tree organization—to plant young trees and to protect older trees vulnerable to pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer.  Working together since 2011 to grow better places to live, U-Haul and Tree Canada have planted and protected 40,039 trees.  During the lifetime of these trees, 44,043 metric tons of carbon will be captured. Here's a look at the places where our efforts are helping to 'grow clean air':

Sudbury, Ontario

U-Haul Customer contributions funded the planting of 5,000 seedlings, helping to restore habitat for wildlife. These trees will help clean the air by sequestering an estimated 3,767 tons of carbon dioxide.

Kamloops, British Columbia

Severely devastated by mountain pine beetles and wildfires, U-Haul Customer contributions provided 20,000 trees to reforest and help preserve the natural ecosystem.

Coquitlam, Greater Vancouver

U-Haul customer contributions funded the planting of 1,600 trees for the Como Creek Restoration project to enhance the riparian corridor in the City of Coquitlam. The Creek flows through highly urbanized areas and is prone to flooding, sediment deposition, erosion, and overall habitat degradation. This project cleared invasive plants and planted native trees and shrubs to restore the habitat for song birds, Pacific Salmon and the rare Green Heron that live in the watershed.

Calgary, Alberta

U-Haul customer contributions funded the planting of 11,250 Willow and Balsam poplar seedlings outside the City of Calgary in a conservation area popular with hikers and featuring a multitude of education programs designed for all ages. The 1,950 hectares of rolling foothills was donated by Ann and Sandy Cross for the protection of wildlife habitat and conservation education.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

U-Haul customer contributions funded the planting of 20 trees in Paddock Trail Park, replacing trees that succumbed to the emerald ash borer. The restoration project included school children who volunteered to plant trees.

Fort McMurray, Alberta

U-Haul customer contributions helped fund Operation ReLeaf Fort McMurray to plant 2,000 trees in areas ravaged by the fires of 2016. The burnt area of more than 587,000 hectares devastated both communities and the surrounding forest. As Fort McMurray rebuilds, these trees can help provide a sense of normalcy to families. To learn more, click here.

Kingston, Ontario

U-Haul customer contributions provided funds for U-Haul volunteers to join Tree Canada in planting apple trees to support the Community Garden for residents of Cliff Crescent.

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