Tree Planting Partnerships

Protecting Working Forests

Success Pond – New Hampshire

Photo Credit: The Conservation Fund

While U-Haul has worked closely with The Conservation Fund on several environmental programs for more than a decade, Success Pond is U-Haul Company’s first partnership focused on measuring and offsetting a portion of our fiber footprint. Support from U-Haul will help offset a portion of the millions of boxes the company sells every year.

“Ten years ago we initiated our Take a Box, Leave a Box program, providing customers a way to share used boxes with other customers who are in the process of moving. Partnering with The Conservation Fund on the conservation of Success Pond Forest is another important step in reducing that impact by ensuring forests remain environmental and economic assets for the long-term and supporting a sustainable supply chain.” –J.T. Taylor, President of U-Haul International, Inc.

Protecting working forests is good for the economy too. At Success Pond, sustainable harvests translate into an estimated 29 jobs and $900,000 contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Learn more about our efforts at Success Pond: Press Release

Big River, Salmon Creek, & Garcia River Forests – California

Photo Credit: John Birchard 

Along the coast of Northern California, U-Haul customer donations have supported the protection of 225 acres of working forestland. Owned and operated by The Conservation Fund, sustainable forest management—which includes decreasing harvest intensity, increasing time between harvests and widening riverfront buffers to counteract the impacts of erosion—across nearly 75,000 acres here has helped trap up to 577,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually and preserve habitat for rare and threatened wildlife such as the coho salmon, steelhead trout and spotted owl. In addition, The Fund’s North Coast Forest Conservation Initiative contributed more than $10 million to the region from 2014-2016.  

For more information, visit: Big River and Salmon Creek Forests; Garcia River Forest

Forest protection efforts in California and New Hampshire ensure sustainable forestry while protecting and restoring those lands. Common benefits of these projects include the creation of working forest jobs and decreased flooding.

“Our window for protecting working forests is closing, but we have the right approach and an ever-expanding group of committed partners,” said Larry Selzer, President and CEO of The Conservation Fund. “Overcoming this complex conservation challenge requires some of our most innovative thinking. Through our partnership with U-Haul and its customers, we will broaden our collective efforts to ensure that America’s working forests continue to remain environmental and economic assets for generations to come.”

21,000 U-Haul locations participate in the effort, and every dollar collected by U-Haul goes directly to The Conservation Fund.

“Since 2007, our partnership with U-Haul has served as a model for corporate social responsibility programs aimed at engaging customers and inspiring employees, and it’s rooted in a continued commitment by U-Haul and its customers to conservation and community,” added Jena Thompson Meredith, Vice President of Business Partnerships at The Conservation Fund.  “Three cheers to every U-Haul customer and employee who has made a difference. We can’t wait to realize the positive impacts over the next several years.”

To learn more about The Conservation Fund U-Haul partnership, click here.

Photos and information provided by The Conservation Fund.


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