As part of our 70-year commitment to conduct business in a socially responsible manner, to help protect the environment and benefit the communities where we live and serve, U-Haul is proud to partner with two distinguished nonprofit organizations; The Conservation Fund® and Tree Canada®.

For our U-Haul customers in the U.S.A., our partnership with The Conservation Fund offers customers an opportunity to donate $3, $5 or $10 at checkout to plant trees, restore and build urban parks and support green economic development. 100% of all customer donations and U-Haul matches are forwarded to the Fund.

Since 2007 more than 2 million U-Haul customers have elected to support The Conservation Fund during their rental transactions. To date 828,000 trees have been planted trapping more than 448,500 metric tons of CO2. 1,900 acres have been restored and 6 National Wildlife refuges served. Two working forests have been protected and Parks with Purpose have been built in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Richmond (CA), and Kansas City (MO). To learn more, click here.  

For our Canadian U-Haul customers, U-Haul is honored to partner with Canada’s largest not-for-profit tree organization.  Tree Canada's Grow Clean Air Program facilitates the planting and maintaining of native trees throughout Canada. Since 1992, Tree Canada has greened more than 660 schoolyards and established urban forests in more than 375 communities with the planting of more than 82 million trees. Tree Canada honored U-Haul as their selected recipient for the prestigious Eterne Award in 2016.

Since launching this partnership in December 2011, 240,714+ U-Haul customers have contributed more than $526,853 to help Grow Clean Air.  Canadians can breathe easier knowing that every tree planted helps to combat climate change, absorb carbon dioxide emissions and produce oxygen. U-Haul customer contributions have directly funded the planting of 81,471 trees which will sequester an estimated 89,618 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 100 years throughout Canada. To learn more about Tree Canada, click here.

These tree-planting partnerships allow U-Haul to provide measurable benefits to the communities we serve in both the United States and Canada. Please join us in making a better environment now and for future generations.

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