Storage in Austin

austinAs the self proclaimed, “live music capital of the world” as well as the fastest growing city in the U.S., there is always something going on in Austin, Texas. This is a city known both for an active night life as well as being on of the greenest, bike friendly cities, not to mention it’s ranked as the #1 city for jobs. So with so much going on, having space for all your belongings at home can be tricky. Rather than trying to cram everything into a small space, renting out a storage unit could free up a lot of room while also allowing the option to live in a more affordable living space.

Uses for Storage in Austin

Austin is very start-up friendly. If you’re trying to start a small business, it’s time to move it out of the garage! A storage unit could be a great place to store business goods. For those who are a part of Austin’s music scene, keeping instruments protected from the scolding summers in a climate controlled unit would free up a lot of space. When the weather is nice, biking is the primary means of transportation for most people living in Austin, but during the more extreme times of year keeping your bike in a unit is great way to know it will be safe.

Seasonal Rotations

If you’re living in an apartment or dorm at one of the local universities such as the University of Texas at Austin, you’re not going to have room to bring much with you. Because the weather changes so significantly between hot summers and cool winters, rotating clothes seasonally between your closet and storage unit frees up space and keeps things organized. Summer hits up to the 100’s and we all know that coat collection of yours is no use at that point. This is also true for seasonal sporting equipment. Any items that you don’t use on a regular basis are perfect candidates for storage.

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