Non-Moving Uses for Portable Storage

When it comes time to move, U-Box® Moving and Storage Containers are your trusty resource in getting the job done. But what about when you’re not moving? Did you know you can use U-Box Containers for those times as well? Check out these non-moving uses for portable storage:

Non-Moving Uses for Portable Storage

Portable Storage for Events

It may come as a surprise to see a U-Box Moving and Storage Container at a live event, but for the organizations who use them, the reason is clear. A U-Box Container is easy to pack prior to the event with any items that are needed on-site. From there, they can easily be delivered to the event location, already packed and ready to go. At the event, vendors, organizations or others using the U-Box containers can then unpack and add items as needed. Here are a couple of examples of events that have already used our U-Box Portable Storage Containers effectively:

  • Portable Storage for EventsPGA Golf Open   70 U-Box Moving and Storage Containers were used during the PGA golf tournament in Chambers Bay in 2015. Many of these containers were used to transport and store crowd control materials such as ropes and signs. Others stored bulk items such as refreshments or other concession goods. U-Box Portable Storage Containers were also placed in hospitality suits under large tents. Here, anyone renting one of these tents could store supplies, gifts, drinks and anything else the renters needed storing.
  • Boston Marathon – The Boston Marathon is a 26 mile, 385-yard race. That means the race track already spans more than 26 miles, not including the outside space with vendors and other activities. Because there was so much space to cover and control, The Boston Marathon used U-Box Portable Storage Containers to transport and store traffic control materials such as cones and signs. Other U-Box Moving and Storage Containers held event swag, refreshments, and other vendor materials.
  • Pittsburgh Marathon – U-Box Moving and Storage Containers were placed all across The Pittsburgh Marathon course, working as medical supply, drink and clean up stations. With this, if an accident occurred at any point in the race or a contestant needed to take a water break, they could simply pop by the nearest U-Box Portable Storage Container.
  • Cincinnati Bengals Food Drive – The Cincinnati Bengals used U-Box Containers as a method to pick up and transport food donations. The Bengals set up 11 U-Box Portable Storage Containers outside of The Cincinnati Bengals Stadium. The bright orange color made the U-Box Moving and Storage Containers easy for fans to find. So, on their way into the game, they could drop off donations of food and water seamlessly.

Portable Storage for Business

There are often occasions when businesses can benefit from the use of U-Box Portable Storage Containers for non-business relocation purposes. The ability to ship the U-Box Containers anywhere provide convenience to businesses who need temporary storage for any reason.

  • Portable Storage for BusinessSurplus Inventory – During the holidays, retailers tend to increase their inventory to prepare for the increase in customers. Businesses such as sporting goods companies use to U-Box Containers to store inventory surplus. Because U-Box Moving and Storage Containers can be shipped to the business location easily, they are for convenient loading and unloading of goods.
  • Trade Show –  Many trade show hosts do their trade shows in multiple cities. Using U-Box Portable Storage Containers they can ship trade show items place to place as their conference moved to a new city.
  • Pop-Up Booth – On occasion, U-Box Containers are used as Pop-Up stations at business events. At a U-Haul marketing convention,  U-Box Portable Storage Containers doubled as video recording booths. This provided the ability to easily pull individuals in for interviews in a some-what separated area from the rest of the event.
  • Business Renovation – To prevent your items from being damaged while your business is being renovated, you can place them in temporary storage with a U-Box Container. This allows businesses to pack and unpack at their convenience as the repairs or renovations go on.

Portable Storage as Temporary Storage

On occasion, you simply need to place your items in storage for a little bit. U-Box Moving and Storage Containers are a great way to do that without bringing your belongings to a U-Haul Store.

  • Portable Storage as Temporary StorageHome Remodel – When remodeling or renovating your home, you can keep your belongings safe by placing them in portable storage. Depending on the length of your project, you could keep the U-Box container in your driveway. If it is going to take you more than a few days, you can have the U-Box Container picked up and stored for you. Then, when you’re ready to access your belongings it will be delivered back to your home.
  • Natural Disasters – Sometimes unforeseen events such as natural disasters occur. During these emergencies, families can place their belongings in U-Box Portable Storage Containers as their homes are repaired.
  • College Break – During a college break such as winter or summer vacations, many students return home for a bit. Of course, this doesn’t mean they want to move all of their belongings back home with them. U-Box Moving and Storage Containers allow them to temporarily store these items easily to return to after the break ends.

What non-moving Uses for U-Box Portable Storage Containers do you have? Share in the comments!