Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here is a fun fact for your pocket – the average number of moves a person makes is more than TEN times over their lifetime. That’s including anything from small local moves to big cross country moves. Based on that, chances are you have moved before; you might have even made one of the common moving mistakes during your last move.

It’s no surprise that moving is a challenge when you consider all the things you need — moving trucksmoving boxes, moving labor services and the list goes on. Once you become aware of all the common mistakes, you’re that much closer to never making them again. Let me walk you through the most common moving mistakes and how to avoid falling into them.

1: The Reservation

It is recommended that you make your reservation two to four weeks ahead of time for your truck or trailer. This helps to secure the type of vehicle you’ll need – for local moves or one-way rentals. Keep in mind that the summer months are the busiest months in the moving industry. Nearly half of all moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day!

PRO TIP: You can also avoid the weekend madness at rental centers if you move between Monday and Thursday. Typically, the rental rates are cheaper for trucks during these non-peak week days.

Common Moving Mistake Avoided With U-Box Containers To The Rescue

Waiting until the day of is a common mistake that can cause you to get a different size vehicle than the one you wanted. That said if you find it easier to move over an extended time or aren’t sure where you’ll end up then U-Box containers could be for you. This is the perfect option for anyone who needs flexibility with an upcoming move, or for any reason doesn’t want to or can’t travel with everything they own. Maybe you have kids and you won’t all fit into the truck or you have pets think about.  Pack up your belongings into as many U-Box containers as you need, and then we ship them to the new destination – or hold them in storage until you’re ready for them.

2: Moving Boxes That Lookalike

The second big mistake people make is not planning ahead while packing away their belongings. Many people will either wait until the last moment to start packing. This forces you to throw things haphazardly into boxes. Others just outright forget to label the boxes as they pack. Unfortunately, this can result in trying to recall which medium box has the toothbrush and bed sheets you’re looking for.

One of your common moving mistakes is not labeling your boxes.
Don’t get lost in your boxes! Label them as you pack.

The solution? Start packing ahead of time and pack boxes “strategically” by marking each box with its contents and/or destination room. In my family, we even have a moving rule to prevent a “find the box-shaped needle in a truck-shaped-haystack” situation from happening to any of us.
“Last box out and first box in.”
This means my family knows the last person out of the house/apartment will be the one to grab our final box. Inside this box will be the toilet paper, soap, a box cutter, our checklist, etc. Based on how far the distance between your two homes is, this can include bed sheets and your toothbrush. Think of anything that might be needed immediately, upon arrival to your new home or just before you leave the old home, and then put it in this box.

3: The Common Moving Mistakes Of Loading & Unloading

My friends are always available to hang out – but when my move was mentioned they were all suspiciously busy. There are pros and cons to using friends to help move. The most obvious is that they’re your age. If anything about your move leaves you saying “I’m too old for this,” guess what? That’s going to be their reaction too! Odds are they’re probably not professionals when it comes to the art of moving furniture. Moving Help, powered by U-Haul, can connect you to a moving Tetris expert who will know how to protect your furniture.

It is typically a little easier to find help at your old home because you have friends in that area. We won’t go more into how having friends help can lead to more moving stress for everyone involved, but we will ask who do you have to help you at your new home? It’s not recommended that you introduce yourself to your new neighbors by saying, “Hi. We are the Smith family. Could you help us unload our moving truck?”
One way to avoid the common I-can’t-unload-my-truck-alone mistake is by reserving Moving Helpers at your new home! This way unloading a moving truck is less stressful for you and your family. Also, a smooth move into the new neighborhood might result in warmer neighbors.

PRO TIP: If you’re traveling cross country for your move and aren’t sure when you’ll get to your new home, Moving Help Providers can still help. Many are able to accommodate same day or next day moves. So you don’t need to let a trip across the country to get in the way of your unloading.

You can even combine your Moving Help service with U-Box containers for a hand-free move. How’s that for a moving hack?

Don’t Make These Common Moving Mistakes Again

Knowing what not to do is half the battle. Therefore you can apply these tips to your next move to make it a little easier.

Looking for more moving hacks? Maybe you know a student with a college move coming up? Or you’re looking to have a sustainable move? U-Haul can help guide you on all the tricks from finding the right moving supplies to scheduling a hitch installation for your vehicle. Learn more by reading our Moving Insider Blog.