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To be fair this location has a new owner and I was his first rental. I verbally asked him about renting he said no problem he then had a problem because the truck we needed was not in his inventory, we left him to sort that out telling him what time we would return he was there but the paperwork took almost an hour I was paying for a person to help me load the truck so that was wasted time and money. Then while he was reserving the truck the km price changed from .69 to .89 It was too late to back out I needed the truck for moving schedule. I agreed because really there was no choice. That is a $55.39 difference I feel I overpaid for this truck. The dealer was awesome, friendly, tried to make things faster but in hind site he should have just referred me to your site to reserve the truck but according to your site he did not have a truck the size I rented available??