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Sergio R.

Please speak with the location about properly training employees to use U-Haul software and procedures. The employee did not know what to do to rent a uhaul when I arrived.

Debra M.

Do not send anyone to that location. The individuals were not sufficiently informed. The individual could not operate the software. I was charged for items I did not want and was told I had to have or could not take the truck. I was there 1hr 45min.

Jocelyn S.

They were unfamiliar with check in process or payments. Took a long time to check in. The ladies were kind but were not trained to know what to do. When I returned the vehicle the owner was rude when I let them know the gas gauge may be broken. He laughed when I told him and maybe he tampered with it. Who knows. I would not do business there again as the uhaul at 45 and Monroe is fast, kind and very well trained.

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