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DON J. on


The uhaul on demand feature should be disclosed up front when the reservation is made. It took nearly an hour to rent this truck due to glitches in your app. The customer service was less than helpful and transferred me 4 times. I will not rent from this location again

Epiphany P. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Stephanie B. on


They had no idea about anything U-Haul. AND worse, I had to call and talk to 4 U-Haul “customer service” reps to get a code to get the key. I reserved the truck online and NONE of the information was given to me about how to actually access the truck once I got to the location. Something that should have taken 15 minutes was over an hour and I almost missed my shipment to pick up.

Robert M. on


I was not aware that this was not a location did not have customer service personnel. It was very difficult and time consuming to get the rental vehicle processed.

Vicky H. on


We reserved a truck over the phone that was parked at a local service station. Service was abysmal. There was NO onsite service. I was not able to get access to a truck that was available and sitting in the lot until hours after I initially arrived to pick it up. It took 3 phone calls, and nearly 1 hour total time waiting on hold to get the information I needed to get access truck keys. One customer rep promised to email a video on how to get keys. What she sent instead was a link to a video on how to return the truck. So, another call, and I was again waiting for help. We learned that the U-Haul app must be used to check out & return the truck. The rep who took the original rental order over the phone reserved us furniture pads & a dolly. But the pickup location does not rent these extras! And yet these items showed up on the original invoice (later refunded). I had to drive the truck to another location to rent & pay for these extras separately. I have to say, the 4th customer service rep I dealt with was knowledgeable, courteous, and stuck with me through the truck pickup process. She was the only bright spot in this extremely frustrating experience. It took 9 days to receive the final billing information, and confirmation that charges for the non-existent furniture pads & dolly had been refunded. I emphatically would not recommend using U-Haul's app to rent a truck. It is cumbersome and a time-consuming process. And it puts you at the mercy of customer service reps who know nothing of the rental situation you are dealing with.

Andre G. on


The truck was not loaded with the equipment I requested and there was no one at the location to help me out. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone to talk to someone and report the issue.