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Edwin R. on


La persona que nos atendió nos brindó un excelente servicio

Philip K. on


We have dropped off trailers twice now and the people were friendly and very personable! Thanks guys!

Ursula M. on


Ensure the proper rented equipment is available. I had to pay extra because the 10 foot truck I reserved was not actually available at the location even though I booked it through the website and it was said to be available.

Derrick D. on


It was dirty, smelled badly, and the person in charge was unfriendly and hard to understand.

Sully P. on


I made a reservation and the boy did not know that he had made a reservation, I told him that if I could leave the truck in another lococation and he said yes. I call to make sure he tells me that I have to leave it where I look for it. and they were more than 20 min looking for my recervation because it did not appear.

Elizabeth H. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Margaret R. on


They didn’t quite know what to do about my online reservation and I had to wait over an hour before I got my truck. They were very apologetic and kind about the delay