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Gus P. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Elsa W. on


I had scheduled in a different location and was changed to this location which is a Motel. It took over one hour to get the paperwork done online after I helped him. He did not know what he was doing. I called U-Haul CS and they had to tell him what to do. I lost two people that were going to help because of the delay. U-Haul Never Again!

Eliezer B. on


They did not know how to complete the pick up on the computer. It took us several times. They had to call the supervisor to talk them thru it. They only had six furniture pads and they put 12 on the invoice. Therefore causing an issue on return

Kimberly C. on


Welcome to the twilight zone! Truck wasn’t registered as returned until 36 hours after we returned it. The representatives on the 800 gouhaul number were very helpful solving the problem. Unfortunately, I had to lock my debit card because of the poor service at drop off location! It remained locked until I received a $0 balance due from U-Haul (which was 37 hours after drop off). We dropped off truck well under mileage allowed and with a little more gas but, who knows what the moron at The Smith Point Motel was doing with the truck for the 36 hours that it wasn’t registered as returned!

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