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Testimonials from recent customers of So King Dealership


The rivets were missing on the drivers side of the dolly holding the ramp secure net pin in place. I put three aluminum rivets in to hold the ramp in place but you need to put steel rivets to keep this from happening again.

Wendell B.

Great customer service, friendly and personable

Kimberly D.

The uhaul was in terrible shape when I picked it up. The outside of the truck had normal bumps and wear and tear that you would expect from a large, well used uhaul. However, the passenger side key hole was broken and completely useless. Making the passenger side only accessible from the drivers side unless you opened the door already from inside the cabin. As well, the cabin of the truck was absolutely disgusting when I got it. There was still trash in the cabin and obviously something had spilled on the floor and potentially the seats as well. Everything was sticky. The floor, the seats, the cup holder area, even the steering wheel. I took photos and made notes during my initial review of the truck. I was appalled by how gross it was in there and even did my own cleaning in the cabin before being willing to drive it. As well, when receiving the truck, there was only 1/4 tank of gas to start. All in all, a very disappointing uhaul experience.


The building and site were under construction, and raised a little concern originally. But the service was excellent, and I would recommend the location based off that great experience.

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