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Tanya T. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Micke B. on


A dropbox would be nice

herbert D. on


The contract for this car dolly should be null and void. I called the U-Haul at this location 2 days before pick-up and said to cancel due to finding out I could not transport a rental dolly due to this being a rental truck. I called the U-HAUL (Dominque) to cancel. He said he would but my credit card got charged anyways.. I do not recommend this location to anyone.

James H. on


web site said this location was closed. I was told by email to use this location. I turned in the truck ahead of time and have two witnesses. Today on my receipt I was charged an extra day of 40.00 that should not have been. I want my account credited back and a new receipt sent ASAP.

Kazin H. on


They weren’t open the hours said to be open. There were a lot of problems getting the equipment when it was first reserved. It wasn’t guaranteed at the time it said. They sent me to another location who didn’t have it either. I ended up having to go back to this location the next morning and he wasn’t even there. They were very kind. I just had a tight schedule and wasted a day because the computer didn’t work.