How to Store Winter Gear in Self-Storage

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After the snow melts, it’s time to decide what to do with all the winter items laying around your house and garage. This might include everything from winter toys like snowboards, skis and snowmobiles to household items like winter clothing, winter tires and seasonal decorations.

Placing these items in a self-storage unit is one of the most effective ways to de-clutter and organize your home before the spring. It’s also a great way to ensure your belongings are clean, dry and secure until you pull them out again next winter. Before you put your things away, there are steps you should take to make sure everything is stored correctly and works like it should when you need it for next season.

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Storing Ski and Snowboard Gear for Summer

When it comes to storing winter sports equipment, it’s important you opt for a clean, dry space with climate control. These features help you easily avoid rust or warping issues over the summer so you can quickly get back on the slopes come next snowfall.

Additional tips for storage ski and snowboard gear:

  • Clean – Give your equipment a thorough clean using a soft towel, citrus-based cleanser and water to remove leftover mud, dirt or salt. Then allow your gear to air dry completely.
  • Wax – Apply a thick coat of wax to skis or snowboards to prevent rust from forming, especially on the edges, and keep bases from drying out. Scrape off the excess wax next season.
  • Cover – Given the odd shape of skis and snowboards, you will have to acquire gear bags to properly cover your equipment for the summer. You can find these at sporting goods stores.
  • Store – We recommend a climate-controlled storage unit for optimal protection. This way your board or skies are safe from warping due to heat or humidity.

Snowmobile Storage Tips

How to prep a snowmobile for summer storage:

  • Treat the fuel with a fuel stabilizer to keep gas solvents from evaporating.
  • Change the engine oil to flush dirt and debris from the engine.
  • Use soap and water to remove leftover salt or dirt; give it a good polish and wax as well.
  • Apply a light oil like WD-40 on the exposed metal surfaces and any point with a grease fitting.
  • Disconnect the battery to prevent it from losing charge over the summer.
  • Cover your sled in a fitted snowmobile cover (recommended) or light cotton sheet.

Storing Holiday Decorations

Storing your holiday decorations in self-storage isn’t much different than storing other household items. They can typically be stored in an indoor or outdoor storage unit, usually without climate control. Plastic storage bins are commonly used for housing these types of items, though cardboard boxes are also useful. Keep in mind that some holiday decorations are fragile. Packing Paper or Enviro-Bubble® will give added protection to tree ornaments, lights strands and other decorations prone to breaking.

Additional holiday decoration storage supplies:

For additional tips on storing holiday decorations, read the How to Store Seasonal Items guide.

Storing Winter Clothes

Packing away clothes for winter in self-storage is an easy way to create more closet space, especially if you live in a climate that only requires winter clothing a few months out of the year. Start by going through your closet and dresser and pulling out the items you want to store – mittens, coats, sweaters, snow boots, etc.

Be sure to keep your items organized so that it’s easier to unpack when the cold weather returns next winter. Before you pack anything away, consider running everything through a quick wash to ensure what enters your storage space is already in clean, functional order.

Plastic storage bins are the most effective clothing storage option. Cardboard boxes and plastic bags are another option, but keep in mind that moisture and dust can come in through small openings and get trapped inside, potentially damaging your clothing over time.

For long winter coats – especially valuable materials, like fur – consider using a U-Haul Wardrobe Box so your coats stay on the hanger while in storage. This eliminates the chance for unsightly creases or folds. Combine your wardrobe boxes with a garment bag for optimal protection from the elements.

Storing Winter Tires

If you live in a region where winter tires are common, consider keeping yours in self-storage during the summer. Not only does this clear extra space in the garage, it also gives your tires the added benefit of being stored away from the elements. Be sure your winter tires are cleaned, then store them in a large garbage bag that’s sealed tight.

Storing Winter Items with U-Haul

No matter what type of winter items you need to store, U-Haul has a storage solution that will meet your needs. With available features like climate control, indoor, outdoor, drive up and more, you can rest assured your belongings will be taken care of for the season.

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