DIY Pumpkin Costume

We have all fallen victim to store bought Halloween costumes. These costumes may be easy, but rarely ever work! The sizes are wrong, the quality is low and you run into at least four other people in the same costume. Well, a way to avoid all that is to make your own! Below are the supply […]

Winners: Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest

Thank you to everyone who sent in their wonderful and creative costumes to the Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest! It was a very difficult process to choose the winners which were judged based upon skill, craftsmanship, creativity and use of U-Haul moving supplies in the creation of a Halloween costume. You can see all of our […]

How to Store your Halloween Costumes

What do The Statue of Liberty, Alice in Wonderland, Christmas Morning*, Zombie football players and Bacon all have in common?  Those are some of the Halloween costumes my kids have used over the years! Some I want to keep forever; others I had no choice but to let them become play costumes (or jammies) after […]

Creative Halloween Costumes

Our Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest is now over! See the winners here. We have had some great entries so far to our Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest.  Today, we are going to share with you some of the creative Halloween costumes that have been sent to us. If you create a costume this year for yourself, […]

Boo-Haul Halloween Contest Costume Ideas

Our Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest is over. See the winners here! Looking for some great Halloween costume ideas? You have less than two weeks until Halloween, so it is time to get your costume in order! Here are some great costume ideas we have found around the web! Lego – We found this one on […]

The Complete Breaking Bad Halloween

Are you addicted to Breaking Bad? Does a Walter White costume sound like it would make for a great Halloween? In this post we are going to help you have the best breaking bad Halloween this side of Albuquerque. Costume – There are many options you can choose with a breaking bad theme, but Walt is the […]

Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is approaching and if you have just moved, you probably have some extra moving supplies lying around.  We love seeing creative reuse of moving supplies so this year we are working with U-Haul and looking for your very best  costume skills using U-Haul moving supplies.  Share your Halloween costumes for the Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest […]

Minecraft Party Ideas using Cardboard Boxes!

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night, monsters come out. Players need to make sure they build a shelter before that happens!  If you don’t already know this then you’re probably not one of the over 38 million Minecraft fanatics out there, so this post may not […]