SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio

What is the U-Haul/SIRIUS XM receiver?

A limited number of our U-Haul trucks come equipped with a SIRIUS XM Satellite receiver and an auxiliary input jack, allowing you to listen to Satellite radio or your own music during your trip.

For a small fee, you can activate your radio to get all of these great benefits:
- Over 130 digital quality audio channels
- Coast-to-coast coverage
- See the artist, album and song titles while listening
- Auxiliary input jack to hook up your own music player (any standard iPod or other MP3 player)

What is SIRIUS Satellite Radio?

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is broadcasting over 130 digital channels commercial-free music, news, talk, comedy, sports and children's programming direct to vehicles and homes via their satellite network and extensive repeater network, which supplements the satellite signal to ensure seamless transmission. SIRIUS Satellite Radio is changing the way people listen to radio in the same way cable and satellite TV changed television.

What will I hear on SIRIUS and THE BEST OF XM?

Enjoy commercial-free music from nearly every genre with exclusive artist channels like E Street Radio, the Grateful Dead Channel and Radio Margaritaville; never miss a tackle or a tire change with coverage of every NFL game and NASCAR® race; stay connected with world events, international business and popular culture brought to you by FOX, CNN, NPR, CNBC, and BBC; enjoy exclusive programming from Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Jamie Foxx, Rosie O’Donnell, Cosmo Radio and more. And you get the BEST OF XM programs including OPRAH RADIO™, MLB® HOME PLATE™, XM PUBLIC RADIO, NHL® HOME ICE, NBA, THE PGA TOUR® NETWORK, THE INDYCAR® SERIES, COLLEGE SPORTS and THE VIRUS®

What cable do I need to hook up my music player to the system?

Any standard male 1/8" mini-jack will work to hook up your music player (iPod or other MP3 player) to the in-dash receiver.

Does the in-dash receiver charge my music player?

No, the in-dash receiver will not charge your music player.

Does Sirius XM have commercials?

All SIRIUS music channels are 100% commercial-free. Many of their news, talk, sports and entertainment channels (including comedy and kids) carry a limited amount of commercials. In contrast, most local AM & FM radio stations carry 16-21 minutes of commercials every hour.

Will I receive the SIRIUS signal in Canada?

SIRIUS Satellite Radio works in the lower 48 states, as well as in Canada.

All SIRIUS Equipped 2010 model U-HAUL trucks include EVERYTHING SIRIUS programming and THE BEST OF XM Programming. There is a channel guide in the vehicle or download the channel guide for the amazing variety available for a low rental fee for your entire trip.