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Testimonials from recent customers of Flagler Shell Mart

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William M. on


This was the worst Uhaul experience ever and we have had a lot. Not sure we will be back. Initial reservation allowed us to puck a location where the vehicle was not present which lead to multiple transfers and time on hold. Shell station just gave us the keys and we went - no mileage ck, contract or nothing. Later in the day I called to make sure we could keep the vehicle and we had no contract. Terry did a great job getting the details and hooking us up for 24 hours. There was a LOT of hold time getting to Terry. When we returned it the Shell station did not want to accept the keys which lead to lots of time on a cell phone going through the app and making calls to get it all straight and being told to leave the keys on the counter. I am exhausted just thinking thru it again.

Laura W. on


After finally getting this as the new drop off location, there was no working phone numbers for the store. Even calling uhaul customer service and they did not have a valid number for these guys. How does that work? It took a long time to get the equipment checked in and there was no communication the whole time from drop off to check in days later. Very unprofessional