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Miranda G. on


When I first called to book this equipment, I was having trouble hearing the manager on the phone. It sounded like his connection was not very good, and I also wear hearing aids. After I asked him to repeat himself a few times, he replied "mam, I don't have all day." I let this slide, no big deal. I picked up the truck and started my move. Later that afternoon, a female employee from Red Earth Creek called me and asked if I could drop the truck off 3 hours earlier than my scheduled drop off time. I explained that this wouldn't work for me. Later that same evening, a manager from Grand Prairie called and asked me again if I could return the truck 3 hours early. Again, I explained that it really would not work for me. He then offered me 100 dollars cash back if I could return the truck that same evening, a full night before my drop off time. Once again, I said I could not. The next morning, I left to drop off the truck. It was due back at 12pm. At 10am, I got another phone call from a young employee at Red Earth Creek asking if I was close by yet because he had people waiting on the truck. When I did get the truck there, a full hour before my drop off time, the employee told me I owed 173 dollars. I explained that I had initially stated I would drive about 350 km, but I ended up driving 460 km. But at 69 cents per km, that extra 60 km is far less than 173. So I asked what I was being charged for. The employee responded that he did not know, but that the computer is always right. After refusing to pay until I understood what I was being charged for. So the manger called and was put on speaker phone. I explained that I was willing to pay if someone could just tell me what I'm paying for. The manager also did not know, but reiterated that the computer is always right. I tried to explain that I I only went over my estimated distance by 60 km, but he cut me off. I guess I was speaking loudly because I wear hearing aids and hos building is attached to a loud car wash. But he told me to stop yelling or he would hang up on me. At this point I had been in the building for an hour and I was near tears. I just agreed to pay a fee of 117 dollars and I left. I still do not know what I paid for. Uhaul has not made this move easier. It made my move more stressful than it needed to be.