Cellophane Stretch Wrap for Your Move

Cellophane stretch wrap, also known as movers wrap, is one of the moving supplies that seems to do just about everything. In my experiences, the four things you should never, in any circumstance go without are cardboard boxes, furniture pads, movers wrap, and a dolly. This plastic wrap is designed primarily for binding or bundling things together. It easily sticks to itself without any glue or adhesives. Additionally, it won’t stick to the items it wraps. The cellophane material also helps to protect items from dirt, dust and weather conditions such as moisture. Movers wrap can be used in a variety of ways. It keeps items secure in their proper place, organizes cords and even protects from damage. Check out the numerous ways in which you can use cellophane stretch wrap for your move:

Cellophane Stretch Wrap For Your Move

Moving the Bedroom with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

Your bedroom is full of things you use or see on a regular basis. If you’re like me, this is where a large number of your belongings are. Your bed, your clothes… more clothes. Movers wrap is a great tool to keep items from this room organized and damage-free

  • Moving the Bedroom with Cellophane Stretch WrapDresserCabinets, and Vanities– To maximize space during your move, keep clothing or other items in dresser drawers. There are two methods of using shrink wrap to keep items secure in drawers. You can remove and wrap each drawer individually or you can use movers wrap around the entire structure. Whichever method you choose, wrap the outside of your furniture piece in furniture pads to keep it protected. Use stretch wrap to keep furniture pads in place.
  • Art, Mirrors or Framed Photos – All art or similarly shaped items should be packed in a picture box. If you are traveling in an open trailer you should additionally wrap this box in plastic wrap for weather protection. If you are moving larger pieces of art that do not fit in boxes, wrap the entire piece in stretch wrap. This will help support the structure and prevent bending or breaking. It will also help to absorb shock during the move and keep your art sealed from weather conditions. After this, wrap in bubble wrap for extra protection.
  • Clothing on Hangers – Keep clothing on their hangers so they are easier to unpack once you arrive at your new home. Simply bundle them together by wrapping in movers wrap.
  • Bed Frame – Bed frames can be easily scratched. Wrap them in furniture pads and keep them in pace using cellophane stretch wrap.
  • Pillows and Stuffed Animals – If you don’t plan on boxing them up, wrap pillows and stuffed animals in plastic wrap. This will keep them bundled together, making them easier to carry. Additionally, it will help to protect them from dust and dirt.

Moving the Living Room with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

Your living room is your comfort room. Much of this comfort is that your recliner is physically very comfortable to sit it, but it also about the visual, aesthetic comfort. If your couch cushions get stained or your TV breaks, your living room is going to be a whole lot less liveable. Here’s how you can use stretch wrap to maintain the comfort and quality to the items in this room:

  • Moving the Living Room with Cellophane Stretch WrapReclining chairs – Wrap the leg of a recliner with plastic wrap. This will keep it from popping out as you move it.
  • Rugs – Use movers wrap to secure rolled-up rugs.
  • Piano – Wrap your piano using furniture pads to prevent any scratches or damage. Use stretch wrap to keep the furniture pads in pace and prevent the keyboard rim from opening.
  • Television – When packing your TV in its flat-panel TV kit, you will need movers wrap to secure the foam blocks to your television as well as furniture pads or a TV cover. For added security, wrap the exterior of your TV kit once it is fully packed. This ensures the telescoping boxes stay secure.
  • Couches – Couches should be placed in special bags or wrapped in movers wrap to prevent dirt or stains. If you plan on removing couch covers or pillows, wrap each of these in plastic wrap to keep them clean.
  • Media Center – Keep all your favorite DVDs in their proper place by wrapping your media center up. Any electronics such as your DVD player should be removed and packed separately.
  • Fish Tanks or Pet Terrariums – If you decide not to disassemble your fish tank or pet terrarium, wrap the tank in stretch wrap to keep the lid secure. For your fish tank, this should also prevent water from spilling. Just make sure that you keep your tank upright at all times, especially if there is a living creature inside.

Moving the Kitchen with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

If you’re anything like me, you have way too many kitchen utensils. Your cluttered drawers may do the job while you’re using them, but when it comes time to move, you need to bundle and organize a little bit. Otherwise, a lot of these smaller items can be easily lost during your travels.

  • Moving the Kitchen with Cellophane Stretch WrapRefrigerator – Wrapping your fridge in movers wrap will keep the door or drawers from opening during your move. They will also ensure that cords stay in place and do not drag. For extra security, wrap your refrigerator in furniture pads and keep them in place using cellophane stretch wrap.
  • Silverware – Use cellophane stretch wrap to seal silverware into their drawer organizers.
  • Pots and Pans – If you choose to keep the lids on pots, crock pots, pans or other similar items, keep them in place using plastic wrap.
  • Ladles, Tongs Large Wooden Spoons, and Miscellaneous Items – Even if you end up packing these miscellaneous kitchen supplies in a box, wrapping them together in shrink wrap will make them easier to find when you unpack.

Moving the Laundry Room with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

Bottle spills or damaged appliances can lead to a whole laundry list of disasters. Prevent those from occurring by using movers wrap.

  • Moving the Laundry Room with Cellophane Stretch WrapWasher or Dryer – Shrink wrap the back of your washer or dryer to keep cords organized. Like most larger items that do not fit in boxes, it is best to cover your washer and dryer in furniture pads and then secure with movers wrap. Wrapping your washer or dryer will also keep doors from opening during your move, allowing you to fill them with pillows, blankets or other linens.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Prevent the bottles from spilling by wrapping the lids of cleaning supplies in movers wrap. The best way to do this is to take the lid off, wrap the top of the bottle and then screw the lid back on.

Moving the Office with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

The office can be a very different room for different people. For someone like myself, the office is the more traditional desk and computer. For others, this may also include art supplies or camera equipment. Whatever the office means to you, stretch wrap is a great organization tool.

  • Moving the Office with Cellophane Stretch WrapDesk – If your desk has drawers or a keyboard tray, use cellophane stretch wrap to keep them from sliding out as you move. If your desk drawers are removable, you can take them out and wrap them individually to keep items securely packed.
  • Office Cabinets or File Boxes – Secure paperwork or any documents in their proper places by sealing compartments in plastic wrap. This will also help prevent moisture or weather from damaging important files.
  • Miscellaneous Office Supplies – Group pens, pencils, paint brushes, and any other similar materials together by wrapping the handles in stretch wrap. You can also use movers wrap to seal caps on paint bottles or ink jars.
  • Camera Tripods – Protect your tripod from outside dirt and avoid dents by wrapping them in mover’s wrap.
  • Electronics – If you are moving in the rain or concerned about water damage, shrink wrap electronics before placing them in their specialty boxes.
  • BookShelves – If you plan on maximizing space by keeping books and other items in bookshelves, wrap the entire shelf up to keep items in their place. You should also wrap bookshelves, full or empty, in furniture pads and secure pads with cellophane stretch wrap.

Moving the Bathroom with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom tends to be filled with small, easily lost items. Makeup and bath products can be expensive and are some of the first things you will want to use after your move. Here’s how you can make sure they remain intact:

  • Moving the Bathroom with Cellophane Stretch WrapShampoos, Washes and other Bottles – Remove the lids from bottles and put stretch wrap over the top, then screw the cap back on. This will add a seal to the bottle to prevent spills as you travel.
  • Makeup and Miscellaneous Items –  Use movers wrap to keep makeup or any other loose bathroom items in their organizers. You can also wrap the handles of makeup brushes or other similar items to keep them bundled together.
  • Jewelry Displays Rather than removing your jewelry from its display case or container, wrap the entire piece with movers wrap. Once you arrive at your new home you can simply unwrap and put the display in its new location without the need to re-hang each necklace or earring.

Moving the Garage with Cellophane Stretch Wrap

Items in your garage are often large, oddly shaped and admittedly, kind of dusty. Movers wrap just happens to be the miracle cure for all of these issues when it comes to your move.

  • Moving the Garage with Cellophane Stretch WrapTool Boxes – Do not place tool boxes inside another box. Use stretch wrap to keep the lid securely fastened.
  • Artificial Christmas Tree – You may not use this guy very often but you keep him packed up in your garage for that one special time a year. When moving and or keeping your tree in storage, shrink wrap it up to make it smaller and easier to transport.
  • Shovels, Brooms, Rakes, and Miscellaneous Items – Bundle long, miscellaneous items such as brooms or rakes together by wrapping their handles in plastic wrap. Although they are not garage items, curtain rods are a great item to add to this bundle.
  • Bicycle – Let’s face it, your bike is probably kind of dirty, especially the tires. If you don’t have time to clean it before you move, wrap it in cellophane stretch wrap to prevent it from staining your other belongings.
  • Golf Clubs – When moving your expensive golf gear use the plastic wrap to protect the heads.  Your clubs will now remain shiny and scratch free.

What’s your favorite use for cellophane strep wrap? Share with us in the comments!