Summer Activities with a Trailer

Summer is the time to kick back and have fun. There’s so much to do and only a few months to do it all. We’ll help you get started by providing a list of summer activities with a trailer that you’ll love.


When it comes to summer activities with a trailer, what better way to spend time with friends and family this summer than by camping? With all the equipment that will be needed, this is one activity that you’ll need to plan ahead for. Our cargo trailers are the perfect solution for hauling all your equipment. Not to mention, they’re weather resistant and will protect all of your belongings during your trip. Some of the best trailers for camping include:

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summer activities with a trailer

Antique Hunting

If you’re a frequent antique hunter, then you know a good deal when you see one. To limit the number of hauls you’ll make transporting your treasures home, check out our trailers. A utility trailer will be able to haul all of your tall and odd-shaped items with its open-top structure. Some also include a loading ramp to make the loading and unloading process easier.

Car Show

Spend some time outside this summer by taking your project car to a show. We can help you haul it by using an auto transport trailer. This trailer was specifically made for hauling vehicles. Features include an easy-access loading ramp, security chains, and ratchet-operated tire straps. This trailer can also hold cargo up to 5,290lbs – the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of this trailer is 7500lbs, which includes the weight of the trailer plus the cargo weight. You won’t have to miss any car shows this summer with an auto transport trailer.

summer activities with a trailer


With summer being the peak time for festival season, it’s important to plan ahead so you can get the full experience. Most festivals last more than one day so you’re going to want to prepare ahead of time what to bring and how to transport. An easy option is a cargo trailer. Cargo trailers are spacious and come in all different sizes including:

Most festivals don’t allow trademarks or logos to be shown on vans, trucks, or trailers so you’ll want to purchase the U-Haul Rental Decal Kit. This kit has an adhesive side that you can cut and place over any area. The removal process is also very clean and simple.

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summer activities with a trailer

Overall, there are many summer activities with a trailer that you can do and we’re here to help you get started. To learn more about trailer tips for summer, click here.