Your Guide to the New Year

Every new year brings opportunities to make changes and enhance the quality of your life. You may have goals to fix or clean up your home, change your lifestyle, break habits, or make a fresh start. After the ball drops at midnight, what will you do with your New Year? Use our guide to gain ideas to make the most of 2022.

Bringing in the New Year

It’s tradition to count down the hours, minutes, and seconds to the new year; but what else could be fun to celebrate bringing in the new year? Consider making new traditions in fun and non-conventional ways.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap isn’t just good for keeping your things safe during a move. It is also great for celebrating the new year. Use it to make some noise or create a DIY Calendar to count down the days. Get creative!

Celebrate Somewhere New

If you’ve got the time and the money, celebrating in a new city could be the excitement you’re looking for on New Year’s Eve. Consider going to New Orleans where they host the biggest celebrations or Nashville if you want to enjoy a large music scene.

New Year Feast

Loud music and large festivities are not everyone’s cup of tea. For the homebodies, cook up a New Year’s feast on the grill. If you’re inviting some close friends, make easy finger foods like grilled chicken wings and sliders. Fill up your propane at a nearby center and pick out some fun recipes to enjoy on the big day!

Creating New Year Goals

When you’re creating goals for the new year, think about the habits you’d like to break and the new ones you’d like to create. Maybe there’s been a project you just haven’t had the time for. The New Year prompts this thinking to put you in a goal-oriented mindset to commit to and hopefully result in new, healthy changes. Here are some popular resolutions to get you started:

  • Renovate Your Home/A Room in Your House
  • Join a Sports Club
  • Volunteer Every Month
  • Budget for a Vacation or New Home

Sometimes, fresh starts are what we need. A clean slate can give you space to reinvent yourself and build a new life that better aligns with your goals. Would moving to a smaller, less-expensive home help you save money? How about moving to a new city to find more professional opportunities?

Need more resolution ideas? See what U-Haul Team Members have chosen as their New Year resolutions.

Managing your Goals

Now that your goals have been set, it’s time to execute! It’s easy to fall out of habits we haven’t created yet. Avoid this by creating a plan or schedule that you can realistically follow.

Do you need help?

U-Haul has MovingHelp service providers to help move any heavy furniture while you’re remodeling. Perhaps all you need is temporary storage. U-Haul has climate controlled self-storage units as well as U-Box containers that you can keep at your home, for easy access to your belongings. If you’re getting organized, our boxes can help you sort through everything.

When it comes to mental planning and accomplishing said plans, a clean workspace and home can help you focus on your goals. Use these cleaning tips to clear the clutter and get this new year started on the right foot.

Whatever your NYE plans or goals are, remember to be safe and have fun!

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