Purchase a Moving Truck Through U-Haul

There can be many reasons one may need to purchase a moving truck, such as for their business or giving back to charity, but do you know where to purchase one? We’re here to let you know that we offer the largest selection of fleet-maintained box trucks at a competitively lower price. We want to […]

Mobile Advertising for Your Business

Updated January 18, 2017 We’ve all seen it- you’re sitting at a restaurant and you see flashing lights cruise by and your eyes can’t help but follow it.  Mobile advertising is a new trend that lets your company get noticed on the road. Whether stuck in a traffic jam or just driving to and from […]

How Do I Avoid a Parking Ticket on Moving Day?

Parking laws rely highly on whether a vehicle is categorized as commercial or not.  Avoid a parking ticket by paying attention to local ordinances. The definition of a “commercial vehicle” will depend on each state or province.  It is always a good idea to go to your state’s Department of Transportation website or hotline in […]

How to Drop Off Equipment After Hours

Updated 4/16/19 Need to drop off rental equipment at U-Haul after or before hours? No problem! Truck Share 24/7 is available to customers who are either returning rental vehicles after business hours or want to return the rental online during regular business hours without the help of a U-Haul location’s customer service representative. Read the […]

Dealing With Moving Day Stress

Whether it’s a day to dread or to be excited about, all in all it is a bittersweet day, it’s moving day. It’s time to pack, rent a moving truck, load, unload, organize, clean, return apartment keys, etc. Thinking of everything as a whole can definitely seem very stressful. Although what are some tips you can do […]

Your First Move

You’ve heard the success and horror stories, you’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve helped when it’s happened to a friend but now it’s your turn…your first move.  Whether you are a minimalist or a collector, traveling near or far, your first move needs the right support and preparation.  Here a few thoughts from someone […]

Things to Do BEFORE Driving Off in a Moving Truck

Moving day. Let’s be honest, no one really looks forward to those words. Not only is it a lot of work, but you’re also packing up everything you own, putting it into a truck and moving someplace new where everyone’s a stranger. Because you have so many things on your mind, there are a lot […]

Spring Gardening Tips

The weather is finally becoming something to smile about. Spring has sprung and everyone literally has a spring in their step. It’s also the perfect time to spring up the garden you’ve always wished you had. Flowers, vegetables, herbs and more! There is an unlimited amount of things you can garden. Creating and caring for […]

How To Move When Sick

So you’re feeling under the weather coughing up a storm, but you’re scheduled to move out of your old place and into your new home. Moving requires a lot of energy, and right now your battery is drained out; however, moving when not feeling 100% is possible. Here’s how to move when sick. Packing Up […]

Tips for Military Moves

It’s no secret that moving is a large part of military life. If you’re currently active, were active in the past or if you grew up in a military family, chances are you’ve done your share of moving. Military members and families may move as often as once a year, and while it can be […]

Fuel Saving Truck Features

Lets face it, nobody likes paying for gas and typically the bigger vehicle you drive, the more you have to pay at the pump.   And while the thought of putting gas in a 26 ft box truck can be scary, the folks at U-Haul have developed a number of fuel-saving truck features that have […]

Moving to the University of Kansas

Ready to be a Jayhawk and attend school on the Hill? Welcome to the University of Kansas, home to thousands of students, acres upon acres of campus, home to the crimson and blue and where you’ll boast the Rock Chalk Chant! Nestled in Lawrence with a population of 90,000, this college town is all about […]