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Johnathon R. on


The truck was fine. The clerk at the gas station was one of the most irritating, lackadaisical, incompetent people I have ever interacted with. He even asked me what exactly I was moving. I am fairly certain that he was on drugs.

Michael B. on


Terrible customer service. The attendant was disinterested in helping me and mocked the spelling of my last name. Will never again use this service or recommend it to any of my colleagues, family or friends.



This location charged me more then my price said I will be reimbursed credit card but put cash reimbursement during computer set up. Still waiting to be reimbursed! Going on two weeks!

Zarrin H. on


The agent (gas station attendant) at the pickup location was entirely clueless and we had a dismal service. Because of his utter incompetence, we wasted more than 2 hours and numerous calls into U-Haul customer service before actually receiving the truck. The agent/attendant was incoherent (seemed disoriented/drugged) and managed to completely destroy our plans for that day. We are DISAPPOINTED AND DISGUSTED with the experience at that pickup location. It costed us a lot of lost time, caused expenses due to the delays and much frustration all around.

Nicholas H. on


I rented a truck, not checking the gas meter - on the rental sheet it said it was full, it was only 5/8ths full, I drove a total of 6 miles and returned the vehicle 50 minutes later - and was told it needed to be refilled - a cost of $30 - the rental itself was $20. I would not recommend this location or U-Haul again - I use rental trucks frequently for work

Anke E. on


No one there to help me detach the trailer from my hitch / car as it was too heavy for me. Had to call someone to help me.

George M. on


it served its purpose

Desiree L. on


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