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Marc D. on


The U-Haul was not very clean but I personally did not care, and rated it clean enough for someone else to use. The share experience was a bit complicated— not complaining just giving feedback to help. After booking I received a text to contact the U-Haul location to verify my confirmation. They found my reservation but seemed confused at first and didn’t know that consumers receive a text to contact them to confirm for U-Haul share. Additionally the site continually failed to upload my passport- which I thought extreme anyway that anyone would go through the trouble to steal a slow, gas chugging ugly truck so you need my passport picture. I had a good connection so it was the website. Finally, the calls to my references came up as “likely scam” on their iPhones...probably out of your control but FYI. Overall thanks - customer service was supportive as I complained and whined. I will use it again and think it is a good step but needs a bit of work to iron out some details.

marlene B. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Andrew M. on


OK, we were moved on the pick-up, of course we had the drop off moved, too. Again, it is all about U-Haul convenience, not the customer. When we arrived to the new drop-off there were no designated drop off parking, no lock/drop box, no person to contact. If not for the professional customer service rep at U-Haul 800#, I would have left that truck by the side of the road, I was just fed up with the experience. I would challenge anyone at U-Haul to call me and ask me to expand on this whole, lousy experience from start to finish.

Noah C. on


Lots of confusion with this as a drop off location. Location is unmanned and has a closed gate that needs a code to open, which I was only able to obtain after a lengthy call with Uhaul. They were able to contact the facility manager who was then able to give me instructions and the code. Basically there were zero instructions on how to make that drop off happen, which was made all the more stressful given I was driving a 23 foot truck.



First off, this location is in the middle of nowhere. I stood next to the truck for 45 minutes waiting for my "credentials" to get approved and had to resubmit everything I had already completed when setting up the initial reservation. What is the point in getting the initial reservation request when everything will change and the information will have to be submitted again? 45 minutes to get a combination for the lock on the door to get into the truck in order to get the key to drive the truck.

Elizabeth B. on


The woman who spoke to me on the phone was delightful and helpful, however dropping the truck off was confusing and unclear. There is nothing at the location that mentions UHaul, and I got there after hours. The location is not normally staffed, and the information I received did not make that clear. Luckily I was able to park the truck in there solitary parking space and drop the key through the mail slot. And the woman who called me could not have been kinder and more helpful. But it would have been good to know more about the location before being assigned to it.