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John V. on


Menk Machinery was great to work with. Menk Machinery told me to use U-Haul web site to expedite my reserving a dolly and get me out faster when I picked it up. It's U-Haul I have a problem with. Their site is impossible to navigate. I had to call U-Haul could not get it done on site. When I got to Menk Machinery could not hook up to U'Haul. The person at the counter called his boss. He told him to trust me and give me the dolly and let me get on my way. When I returned they had to go through the hole registration so I could return my the dolly. I had done all this on U-Hauls site but could not get the reservation on the dolly. So Menk Machinery is a great place to do business. They have just started to be a U-Haul dealer. Use them and I wish them luck with U-Haul.