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Jean F.

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MIchael L.

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natalie D.

Important!!! NOTE that I was originally scheduled to pick up the truck at the Laurier St location in Rockland. I waited there 1 full hour before I realized they are not opened on the weekend. Why was I scheduled to pick it up there then?! I called and they told me to go to the Clarence Creek location. I was really not impressed. The lady at Clarence creek was really helpful and nice. She was really busy helping similar customers like me that waited in Rockland for nothing. I would really like a discount if possible as I wasted 2 hours of my day getting another truck in Clarence creek when I was told it was Rockland. I rated the Clarence Creek with good reviews but if it would be the Rockland location, it would definitely be a poor rating.


I had difficulty returning the U-Haul to this location as I was “past drop off time” even though I was a day early and I called ahead. It was an unpleasant experience.

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