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Welcome to one of the best cities in Canada! As the economic center of western Canada, Calgary has plenty of job opportunities due to the strength of its petroleum, agriculture, tourism, and high-tech industries. Calgary is consistently ranked highly by national and international institutions in terms of both business opportunities and quality of life.


In 2013, Calgary was rated as the best place to live in Canada by MoneySense. Furthermore, the 2013 U-Haul National Migration Trend Report ranked Calgary #2 out of the Top 25 Canadian Destination Cities. These are just a few of many accolades accumulated by this bustling metropolis. Visit Calgary to find out why more new residents are moving to the area each year.

Tips for prospective Calgarians

Being as it is the largest city in the Alberta province, U-Haul has more than 20 locations in the immediate Calgary area to provide you with accessible and affordable moving and storage services when you need them.

  • A City Divided - Calgary is divided in four quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. These quadrants are abbreviated and attached to the end of the street address. For easy navigation, streets normally run north to south while avenues run east to west. Preferred residential areas are generally found in the NW and SE suburbs. Calgarians often say with pride that Calgary has all the benefits of a large metropolitan city with a small town vibe.
  • Urban Living - If you are looking for a more urban environment, the downtown area will likely be your best bet. Downtown Calgary consists of three neighborhoods: Downtown West End, the Downtown Commercial Core, and the Downtown East Village. The surrounding neighborhoods of Eau Claire, Chinatown, and the Beltline are sometimes considered as part of downtown.
  • Getting Around - The city of Calgary covers a vast area of more than 848 square kilometers. Luckily, the city has Calgary Transit, a public transportation service that has been around since 1909, consisting of an extensive fleet of vehicles including buses and light rail trains. On top of that, Calgary possesses a massive network of pathways and bikeways for the environmentally conscious, among the largest in North America.
  • Bright, Clean & Green - What else can you expect as a newcomer to Calgary? Sunshine, fresh air, and clean water! The city receives more sunshine than any other major city in the country, a definite plus for those looking for a new home. Not to mention, Calgary is literally a breath of fresh air! In 2007, Forbes declared Calgary as the world’s cleanest city for its material recycling, water purifying, and renewable energy usage.
  • Check the Forecast - While the sun may be shining for a large portion of the year, the weather in Calgary can be volatile. Flash thunderstorms can occur even during the warm summer months. Alternatively, the winter can bring warm, dry Chinook winds originating from the Pacific that can raise the temperature as much as 15 °C or more in a single day. Always be prepared!


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U-Haul has named Calgary the #1 Top Destination City in our 2014 Canadian Migration Trends Report 
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